Software and documentation of medical devices and clinical equipment (surgery, blood counts, dialysis, radiography, fluoroscopy)
Pharmaceutical products (Instructions of Use, documentation, EMEA comply)
Diagnosis studies

Main products translated (software and documentation):

Baxter: Translation of IFU sheets for: Fluconazole® (Fungal infections drug), Accusol® (Dialysis solution); Translation and review of software and User Guide of: Fibrinotherm® (Warmer-sterilizer system), Intercept® Plasma (Pathogen inactivation system for plasma), HomeChoice® 10.1 (Automated peritoneal dialysis system), Intercept 4.1 Illuminator® (Platelet system), UV-Flash Germicidal Exchange Device (Germicidal chamber).

Philips: Translation of User Guide of: Philips DigitalDiagnost System, version 1.5.x (Digital radiography system), Philips MultiDiagnost Eleva (Fluoroscopy system)

ConMed Linvatec: 10K® FLUID SYSTEM (high-performance pump for arthroscopy). Software localization and user manual translation.

Iris Diagnostics: Supply Station 6.3 (medical inventory management system). Software localization and user manual translation

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